Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas Day 2006

Keep a journal and one day the journal will keep you. I think this blog has to be more than just journalizing which is itself no small feat. The blog is different from the journal in that there really is an intended reader to it. This orients the journalblog toward its intended victim much like a moth to the flame, or an amorous swain to the beloved. I like that distinction. I want still to report journalistically of course on any subject I wish to discuss, i.e. my point-of-view on the news of the day, my take on works of art I want to see or have seen. I also want to include some personal stuff but I have to devise a particular format that alerts my reader that they can bypass this section if they don't want to eavesdrop on what was usual journal material. The blog is personal journalism which I hope will have some bite to it. We will see just how much bark there is in the old dog still. Keep a blog and one day the blog will keep you!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

It continues

The blog is a blog. The blog is a blog. I could type this forever. See Shelley Duvall freak out as she reads reams of this one sentence over and over again. It was in that moment that she knew Jack Nicholson was completely mad. The clock was ticking to that horrendous moment in the Shining when he would poke his head through the bathroom door. I still hear him say "Here's John-n-n-y!" as he poleaxed the bathroom door. She could see just how much trouble she was really in when she saw page after page of "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Yikes, indeed!

The First Entry

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the Plain. I am checking out this example of a blog to see how this works. I put my picture in quite deliberately. This is clearly the journal form for my future. I will reinvent this area for my use. Like Emily, I write a blog that never wrote to me. I shall see just how this all goes.
I am trying to see how this works. I don't understand it yet.